The main project outcome is the production of film and trays prototypes of industrial interest. The project focuses mainly on the fish packaging sector but bio-based polymers produced in FISH4FISH are potentially exploitable for an extremely wide range of industries, including polymer chemistry, plastics converting and manufacturing, pet packaging and paper .

Moreover the new packaging prototypes will be compostable and can act as a good source of nitrogen and natural anti-parasitic activity at the end of their use,

Main Impacts:

on the fish-process industry boosting its competitiveness proposing an alternative method of shelf life preservation and marketability of fresh fish;

on the bio-based plastic sector introducing a new polymer that can contribute to reduce plastic waste in  Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean;

on the young researchers, through fellowships that will be granted; they will increase their skills working together with senior researchers increasing their employability; 

on the consumers that will take advantage from the increasing food safety and environmental friendly material;

on the food retailers and supermarkets thanks to the prolongation of the storage time and the significant reduction in food waste;

on a global level contributing to achieve some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal as:  9- Industry, innovation and infrastructure; 12- sustainable consumption and production patterns; 13- combat climate change and its impacts 14- Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources.